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As we take over Marina Green park and the surrounding area, the Long Beach convention center will be transformed into a massive 50,000 sq foot line dancing hall we like to call, the Country Club featuring unique decor, a stage, and more. Get ready to stomp your boots all day and night. Lessons will be available throughout the event!


This wouldn’t be a country party without a fully stocked bar! Enjoy a variety of alcoholic drink options including mixed drinks, canned cocktails, beer, more beer, jello shots, specialty drinks from event sponsors, and of course water. A free water refill station will be available for all attendees. Be sure to stay hydrated and drink responsibly!


Local, craft food vendors will be out in full force bringing you delicious ways to refuel. Enjoy a variety of food options ranging from savory to sweet. We will have something for everyone, including those of you that have any major food allergies or restrictions.


We know how much y’all love to get those pix for the gram. We are brining out multiple interactive art installations for you to capture the perfect memories next to with your partner or crew. Keep your eyes open for these pieces in all areas of the venue.


There’s no better way to enjoy the beautiful views of Long Beach than 10 stories up! Take a spin on the massive ferris wheel we are bringing out for y’all and get a glimpse of who’s on stage from the perfect Birds Eye view.